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My passion is for connecting with artists, creating music, and capturing experiences.  I am a servant of the artist and the song, striving to help create great sounding music using the skills and tools I’ve acquired over my career. I value close communication, transparency, and creative exploration. I enjoy serving projects, empowering artists, learning and teaching. I treat every project that walks through the door as my own, and nothing leaves until everyone is happy.



Producing a project, engineering a session or mixing a song is more than just hitting the record button or throwing some nice microphones on an instrument. It's about following through with the artists' vision from beginning to end -- putting the time and care into every decision being made -- crafting sounds, textures and ideas into a final product that best represents you as an artist and truly helps you and your music to stand out.



I have a proven track record of delivering quality work to satisfied clients for more than a decade. Over the years, I've been blessed to work with Grammy-winning artists such as Sheryl Crow, Twenty One Pilots, Brantley Gilbert, Tyler Childers, Marty Stuart, Ricky Skaggs, Connie Smith, Dailey & Vincent, Marty Raybon, Jerry Douglas, Jill Andrews, Damien Jurado, Nightbirde, and more. I've produced, engineered, mixed, or played on thousands of albums, singles, & demos. I've been a part of songs that hit radio, ran the Billboard & iTunes charts, and won awards. 

I look forward to being a part of your project. Please contact me if you have any additional questions.

In The Studio


A great production starts with a great song. We'll start with a consultation to discuss your vision for the project. Once we establish the direction, I assemble a high class team of session musicians that best fit your style. Together we flesh out the arrangements and record using the highest quality equipment available. Once everyone leaves, I work to tighten up the performances or contribute additional instrumentation as needed. Lastly, everything comes to life in the mixing stage. By this point, your socks should be blown off!
Have your own band, ensemble or live event that needs captured? Or maybe you need an organic and authentic recording. There's no scenario too big or too small -- trust me, I've done them all. From bands tracking together "live" in the studio, to singer/songwriters, worship events, bluegrass bands playing around one microphone, to vocal ensembles, symphony orchestras and everything in between, this is where years of experience, technique, and knowing the best tools for the job come into play.
The mix is an essential part of the process that can either make or break a great track. You strived to perfect the song, production, and every other element, now don't slack on the mix! I have legitimately worked on all major styles of music, but my strengths include (but not limited to) Pop, Rock, Country, Indie, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, and Acoustic based genres. Don't ever let a bad mix be the reason you missed a great opportunity or discredit your album or production. Let me help you take it to the next level with the professional quality it deserves.
Session Playing
The right players and instrumentation can truly take a song or production to the next level. I'm a one stop shop for Pedal Steel Guitar. Dobro, Mandolin, Banjo, and Acoustic Guitar in the Country, Americana/Roots & Bluegrass genres, but am not soley limited to these alone. I craft overdubs serving the song, artist, band, & track. I can write hooks, leads, solos, fills, and everything in between. Simply put, I can play "the traditional way" or do something new, fresh, and different -- with each instrument recorded at the highest quality it can be.
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"Brandon is an extremely talented mix engineer - he really brought my latest EP to life - his ears are terrific, with a perfect balance of all the elements - he understands instinctively what is right for the song, but is also incredibly patient and responsive to ideas. I won't let anyone else touch my music."

"Brandon is a pro on every level. His ear is impeccable, his communication crisp and clear, and he is always open to the most minor suggestions to deliver you the perfect end-product. Always a pleasure to work with him because he pushes my music to achieve otherwise-unattainable heights."

"This is the third album I've worked with Brandon. As a producer, engineer, and and multi-instrumentalist, he is a gifted artist, with a particular talent for pedal steel, able to find the groove of many genres and deliver a heart-breaking melody, a shredding and swampy solo or background mood delivered with a lighter touch. As a mixing engineer, he is a craftsman and a pro, fast but skilled- his first take is 90% there. As a person, he's a pleasure to work with. Makes sure you're happy. A+ experience".

"If you want to get the absolute most out of your songs, Brandon Bankes is your partner. His ability to hear every detail and pull everything together in a cohesive, immersive experience is unlike anything I've experienced in my career. I'm a very picky musician / songwriter, and he still blows me away. I can't imagine working with anyone else."

"Brandon is amazing - super talented, amazing ear for all styles, and a terrific guy to work with. I’ve used his playing and engineering skills again and again and will keep coming back! Brandon rules!"

"Brandon did an amazing job with my tune. I'm a self produced singer songwriter and seldom find engineers who can mix acoustic music to my taste. He really understands line between natural and over processed and bought my track to life in a really beautiful way. He got it sounding big, clear and warm and really kept the spirit of the song alive. He's world class and also a lovely human being who literally worked and micro adjusted the levels and tone until I was happy. Really great experience!!!"

"Brandon absolutely nailed my mix. So easy to work with. So creative. And so fast at responding! He understood and implemented everything I asked for. Can't wait to work with him again!"

"Another awesome mix by a budding wunderkind. Very personable. A real pro. I'm still learning the tracking stages, but Brandon's final mixes make it seem like I kinda knew what I was doing all along. He's a great friend to have at the mixing desk and an all-round good dude."


"Brandon's a total pro. Quick turnaround with a great mix right out of the gate. The revisions I requested were all small personal preference things (nothing wrong with the mix at all) and Brandon was enthusiastic about making the changes. Great communication as well. Highly recommended!"

"A sensational musician, great instincts, highly creative, professional and absolute pleasure to work with. Brandon inspires me to be a better musician/producer.

"Brandon goes above and beyond each time I work with him. His communication is excellent and his musical ability is profound. The phrasing that Brandon comes up with is creative and smooth. He knows how to pick his shots, how to play to support the other instruments, and how to benefit the overall song. He has elevated every track I have featured him on. Book this man. You will not be disappointed."


"We had a challenging project we were working on. More tracks than we were used to working with. Brandon is a total professional and will make your project sound amazing. His attention to small details is automatic......all we can say is that our project sounds better than we could ever expect."


"Brandon has done an excellent job. He's turned my song into a radio ready country song. Super happy with his work. Definitely will be back!"

"Brandon was an absolute pleasure to work with! My mix came back incredible with no revisions necessary. I’m looking forward to working with him in the near future."

"The best! I wouldn't let anyone else mix and master my stuff. Every song I send comes back pristine and ready for iTunes."


"Brandon is a top quality pro - listens to what you want and delivers! Highly recommended!"




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